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((( The Legend of Lewis Redmond )))--
Folk Stories -  Play: Legend of Lewis Redmond, Prince of Dark Corners
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Folk Tale in a Mason Jar

Appalachian myth and legend


Major Lewis Redmond
Play: Prince of Dark Corners
The Prince of Dark Corners

A play by
Gary Carden

Film Producer/Director:
Neal Hutcheson
(click here to visit his site

At the time of his capture in 1881, the outlaw, Lewis Redmond was described as "the most famous man in South Carolina." Redmond was equally well-known in western North Carolina and north Georgia where local newspapers begged the court to "forget his faults in admiration of his undaunted courage and unmistakable dash."

This fall on

New edition available on DVD

DVD includes THE OUTLAW LEWIS REDMOND, a full-length documentary on the real Lewis Redmond and the time and place that turned an ordinary mountain farmer into a moonshiner, bootlegger, villain and hero.

Bonus features include rare archival images and photos. Total run time: 90 minutes

To purchase, send check or money order for
plus $2.00 shipping to:

Gary Carden
236 Cherry Street
Sylva, N. C. 28779

Due to rumors of a dramatic rescue, Redmond's trial in Asheville, North Carolina was canceled and he was transferred to Greenville, South Carolina. People visiting the jail while he was awaiting trial in both locations gave him food, whiskey and cigars. Redmond acquired quite a collection of perfumed notes from women.

Many of the events described in this play are controversial. The details of Redmond's career are distorted by folklore, bias and conjecture. As a playwright, I have omitted many events because they are too outrageous to warrant belief (even though there is considerable evidence that they are true). In addition, they are too numerous to be recounted in this single work. In a few instances, I have simply lied in the interest of dramatic form. I doubt anyone will notice.

--Gary Carden

(see above)

Broadcast & Performance Dates

SC-ETV - Thurs. April 2nd @ 9 pm

other showtimes will be posted here as they become available to us.

Outlaw! Major Lewis Redmond

Milton Higgins as
Major Lewis Redmond





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